Internet Explorer Bug?


I’m Josef from Germany.

I’ve got the following Problem.
I’ve got an WordPress installation on XAMPP.

If i create a Reservation with the Browser Firefox, it works fine.

But if i create a Reservation with the Internet Explorer i get an Error.

The Problem is only when i call up the Site with the PC-Name.
If i call up the page with localhost, there isn’t a problem..

Does anyone have an Idea?

Thank you 😉

Ps.: Sry for my English 😉



Can’t reproduce. As the ajax request get’s answered I can’t imagine that it’s caused by the way of access it. When it’s online and still happening please give me FTP access and a link so I can check it out directly.

I think the website is online tomorrow 😉

Thank you!

Edit: I found the solution….

The Bug isn’t in the plugin… The bug is in xampp.
I create a new Domain and there isn’t an error with the Plugin.

Thank you for your efforts!

Ok Problem isn’t solved…..

I uploaded the xampp folder with the sql database on

User: reservation
Password: reservation

Hope you can help me…

Thank you 😉

Send me access to an online server to That bug is not related to files or the database. It has to be fixed on the place it happens.

Thats the solution for my Problem!

Thank you for helping 😉

I’m so happy 😉

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