Invoice doesn't work

When I try to make a test invoice, it shows me the below error message.
So, now I can’t go to the preview, generate, mail functions.


File : /home/hosting_users/findhomestay/www/wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/lib/modules/invoice/html2pdf/html2pdf.class.php
Line : 1251

The tag does not yet exist.

If you want to add it, you must create the methods o_WELCOME (for opening) and c_WELCOME (for closure) by following the model of existing tags.

If you create these methods, do not hesitate to send me an email to to included them in the next version of HTML2PDF.

Have you added any HTML to the invoice? If so, what?

Yes, actually I did add some HTML codes. But I deleted them after your answer.

And I re-installed this plug-in. But it still doesn’t work.

In my opinion, the wrong invoice form has been stored in somewhere of my DB.

So, can I know which folder of DB is dealing with the invoice form?

Thank you.

Then just add a new template with standard content and use it instead. The invoices are in wp_options entry “reservations_invoice_options”.

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