Invoice: String concat instead of sum

I’ve just added a couple of custom price fields to an invoice. The yellow price field then shows

Price: 400 035 007 500 NOK

instead of 15 000 NOK, which would be correct. Note that 15 000 = 4000 + 3500 + 7500. The table is as follows:

08.02.2013 Price filter Helg 2 000 NOK 2 000 NOK
09.02.2013 Price filter Helg 2 000 NOK 4 000 NOK
Custom price Skyldig leie fra 2012 3 500 NOK 7 500 NOK
Custom price Tilleggsleie fra 2012, jf. reglene 3 500 NOK 11 000 NOK
Custom price Tilleggsleie, se hyttereglene 4 000 NOK 15 000 NOK

There seems to be a string concatination instead of integer addition.

The error is present in both Opera and Firefox.

Do you mean in the form or in the invoice is the price wrong? Where exactly if in the form? At the end or are you using a [tag]? I’ve just looked in both places and can’t find any problems. It just uses the normal calculation function like in the rest of the plugin.

This shows the issue.

But it isn’t happening on the front form, does it?
I’ll look into it this evening.

It seems to be all right there, but the issue has only come when I’ve added extra price fields through the admin interface.

I’ve tried it a few times under different circumstances, but can’t reproduce your error in any way. Next I’ll try to inspect the code for it, but I can’t thing of a reason right now.

Hi martin. Having the same issue. Did you solve it?

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