Issue with Calendar in Resource Setup Area

Initially calendar was working properly, it reflected the Base Price ($180.00) for Sunday through Thursday in the month of September and Weekend Rate ($200.00) for Friday & Saturday. For our client rates go by season, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer that require price changes (created filters) and September is half summer and half fall according to clients definition.

Resource calendar, which is next to the “Price Simulator” in the setup Resource section started ignoring base price and calculating based on filter creation, so there are now huge numbers for the daily rate reflected on this calendar. The logic reflected in the filter definition area for each filter looks correct. So my question is why is the creation of the filters impacting the prices reflected on this calendar??

I wish we could talk and have a Go To Meeting session because your documentation is very vague concerning the creation of filters…

Thank you

Because the users wanted so. What brings an complex price setup if it isn’t used or shown correctly?
As of the filters type you define if it should replace the base price or not. And you can set the conditions.
Or are the prices on the calendar incorrect? On the front side you can also say if it should show the price at all if you don’t like it.

I’m not offering any sort of phone support.

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