Javascript Error

I have a javascript error in date-selection.min.js
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘er_both_params.resources[v.resource].frequency’)

The calendar doesn’t show in Google Chrome, Safari but is ok in Firefox

EasyReservation Version 6.0-alpha.12
easyReservations Premium Version 6.0-alpha.5

Thanks for reply asap

Please a link to the form. Maybe the default resource does not exist anymore?

unfortunately the resource exist :
see this page on firefox and on Google Chrome :

edit : when I’m not connected as admin I have the same error on firefox … so ?

Best regards

At the start of the form is a select with the name resource and no options. The calendar tries to get which resource it should display but cannot. That causes the error.

You can either set a default resource by editing the [date] tag in your form.
Or you can remove/fix the resources select.
Are your resoruces set to private in post view?


You are right about the visiblity ! The post was in private view.

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