Label checkbox in the contact form

have you set up a privacy checkbox label in the contact form (in reference to the GDPR law)?

Some plugin are release a new version with this update.


You can add a checkbox by adding a custom field and then adding it to your form.

Thanks, i’ve done.

Unfortunately, the checkbox is not aligned with the text but in the row below.
Can you help me?

Here is the form code:

[custom id=”1″][error error_title=”Errore!” error_message=”Controlla i seguenti campi:”]
<p>Check-In<br />[date-from]</p>
<p>Check-Out<br />[date-to]</p>
<p>Tipo/Tipology<br />[resources]</p>
<p>Persone/Persons<br />[adults 1 3 value=”1″]</p>
<p><b>Prezzo/Price</b> = [show_price]</p>

<div class=”sep sep-margin-top”><span></span></div>
<h3>Informazioni generali -<br>General Informations</h3>

<p>Nome/Name<br />[thename]</p>
<p>Email<br />[email]</p>
<p>Telefono/Phone<br />[custom text Phone *]</p>
<p>Note aggiuntive/Informations<br />[custom textarea Message]</p>

<p>Cliccando su “INVIA RICHIESTA” accetti le nostre condizioni sulla <b>Privacy.</b>[custom id=”2″]</p>

[submit value=”Invia Richiesta”]

The custom field of the checkbox is the CUSTOM ID=2.

The default form has a structure which your form does not follow at all.
That’s how it should be formated:

The default form structure is the default of the Royalgold theme.

I have modified as you suggested, but the display of the checkbox has remained unchanged.
Also by default it should not be checked, but it is the user who should click to accept the privacy conditions.

Can you make a check please?


Please a link to the form.

Richiesta di Prenotazione

Do you need user and password for login of the wordpress dashboard?

It’s your themes .css styles that defines this behavior. Maybe it looks better if you put the whole row in a div with the class content. Or try to put he checkbox in front of the text.

Ok thanks!

It’s possible to set the default checkbox not checked?
It should be the user to check the checkbox.


You can select that when editing the custom field.

Ok, thanks!

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