Lost Premium membership

Hello! I purchased your plugin years ago, but I can’t seem to login into the Premium area. Isn’t the license lifetime available? I have resetted my WordPress install and the plugin tells me I need to purchase Premium to use the additional modules, so there’s no way to use it like this. You can check in my written messages inside the support forum that I was indeed a Premium member since I had access to it. Do I need to rebuy the whole plugin in order to gain access to the additional modules or there is any workaround for this?

Thank you very much

Premium was always restricted to one year, we just did not took it away.
Here you can see the premium page around your payment:
As you can see it says support and updates for one full year.

You can still use your premium version, but if you want to update or use any premium features on this website you’ll have to pay again.

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