Mail to Admin and Guest after Guest edit shows wrong ressource

If a guest changes the ressource it shows the correct new ressource in my Dashboard but the Email sent to Admin and Guest still shows the ressource from before the change. You should know that I edited the useredit.php to auto-accept any guest changes, by adding two lines of code you gave to another user in this forum.


And which lines are that? Or did it happened before your changes as well?

Found them in the Thread “User cant change booking.Urgent!” from September 2013:

To use the automatically approvement you can add this lines to the useredit.php after line 593:

$approve = easyreservations_auto_approve($res, false);
if($approve) $res->status = ‘yes’;

I just replaced the edited useredit.php with your original one but the problem still remains. After changing the ressource the user gets an Email showing the wrong/old ressource but in the dashboard the new ressource is booked. It does not seem to be important if user changes are auto accepted or not – I just wanted to mention to make sure it is not related to this bug in any way.

Hmm. As of the code it saves the new values and sends the mail afterwards. This bug would be in since release of the guest edit module with nobody noticing it. Unlikely. But I’ll check it for the next public update.

Okay thanks – I could send you the link to the reservation page then you can create a reservation yourself and see what is happening.

I’ll say when I can’t reproduce it. Thanks.

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