Max persons within resource not limiting drop down number

In each resource you can specify min and max persons, then select “Availability by:” Person…
This however does not effect the drop down of adults and children in the form, I have recently updated to the latest version (3.4.2) and the problem still persists.

This seems like a basic function of the plugin and really quite necessary, any help will be appreciated.


You can define min and max value in the forms tag. [persons 5 18]

Hey man thanks for replying. I know I can specify this with with form tags but i need it to change when i select different rooms as different rooms have a different number of beds. If the system cant do this why would you be able to set Min and Max persons and also select “Availability by..”

I have had a look at the php and the amount of options in the html is not hard coded, it is derived from a php variable , but this variable doesn’t seem to change when i select a different room.


Such a feature is not included.

Many thanks for the reply, guess il have to learn php 🙂 .

Il just have to rely on the people not trying to book too many beds than the room has.
So what will the program do if someone does try and book more beds than is necessary?

Many thanks


It gives out an error,

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