Miscalculation in the resource filter

Into a Resource so configured:
> Price > Base price per billing unit: 40 euro
> Price > Children’s discount per billing unit: 25 euro
> Availability > Availability by: Person
> Availability > Person: min 2 / max 5

When I insert a this Filters Price by condition so configured:
> Type: Amount of Persons
> Condition: 3 persons
> Mode: Price per Person
> Price > Type: Discount
> Price > Price: -5

The module applies the filter discount price at the children instead should apply the discount when people exceed 3 units then add the full cost of child.
Please can you check for this problem?
Thank you

Persons is always adults+children’s. In the current beta and the next update there are new conditions for adults and children’s.

I’ve download the beta version but I seems not to be used for a site that should go online.
My post highlights a miscalculation of the plugin: when I apply a discount rule for 3 persons the plugin apply the discount also to children.
This is a problem.
Can you help me to resolve this?
Thank you.

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