More bugs

I am writing to report various bugs. You can see them at (still in the testing phase, hidden from the public).

1. When prices for different seasons are added, it shows the most expensive one on the “Catalog” page.
It also shows the most expensive price on each resource page.
It should show the cheapest, or the one that corresponds to the season according to the current date.

2. When the arrival date is close to “unavailable” dates, change the “unavailable” days to “available” when they were actually unavailable, and leave “unavailable” all the following days. (See in Rooms resources)

3. When I add a filter to book at least 2 nights, from 8/17 to 8/31, it changes to “unavailable” for all those days. (See in single room).

4. How to add Spanish translation?


It’s been more than ten days since I wrote on the forum…

Has anyone read it?
Is someone going to answer?
Will there be a new version with these bugs fixed?
Do I have to look for another booking plugin?

Too bad, I really liked easyReservations.

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