Multilingual website – Different reservation forms (how to???)

i ‘ve bought the classy theme which came with your plugin. I have a website translated in 2 languages using the Polylang plugin.
I want for every resource the form to be displayed in the chosen language.
to be more specific: When someone is in resource – double room using English, the form should be displayed in english.
and when they have chosen the greek language, the form to be displayed in greek.

Is there any chance that someone know how to do that?
Thanks in advance.

ps. you can see the website here:

ps2 I forgot to mention that i’ve created a second form with greek text which works ok when used as a shortcode, but i need it on the default section on resources.. which i cannot find where to change it.

I’ve no experience with polylang, but in most multilingual plugins you have to translate resources in the post view. There’s a button to get there above the resources list.

the problem is not with the translation of the resourcce post but with your plugin.
I would like to use different form without using shortcode..
Is there any possibility that i can choose which form to be used in the resources?

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