Multiple Bookings


From the users perspective the program is allowing users to book the same room when the room/nights are already booked.

Also, the View All Status from the admin area is not display all statuses.

Reservations have to be approved to block out the room.


I don’t understand your response. Here is an example: Room A is booked from 07/01/14 – 07/08/14. Another user (as of right now) is able to book the same room from 07/05/14 – 07/10/14. This should not be allowed.

And is the reservation A approved?

Yes, the A reservation is approved.

1. And there is surely no other space in that resource? The resource count defines that.
2. Can you make the second reservation through the frontend form or did you add it as admin?

1.) There is no other space. The resource count is 1.

2.) I made the second reservation from the frontend. I also made a 3rd reservation from the frontend during the same time slot.

Remember, from the admin side it will not allow me to confirm. If there was an attachment option to this form I could send you screenshots.

Please make a screenshot of the resources and form settings so I can reproduce it. Send them to

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