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I have set a resource with some filters and multiple rules. I have noticed that in the frontend the reservation form calcutaes the price using only the first rule of the same filter category (in my example “adult” filter). But in the preview calendar in the backend the single day price is correctly set, calculating in the right way all my filters / rules. Is there a way to solve this issue?

This is the frontend link with the test form and here there is the screenshot of the backend with the preview calendar. If you try to make a reservation for 2 adults and in the period 27/30 May the right amonut should be 342 € (in the preview calendar it is right – 120,4 +120,4 + 101,20) but in the frontend the price in wrong (328,4 €)

Thank you!

To test prices always make a reservation, edit it and look at the calculation below. Then change some settings and see how it turns out till you get what you want.

Here some screen:
– reservation with wrong calculation
– reservation settings

It seems that only 1 “adult filter” is applied

Please help me!

Only filters that change the base price get applied multiple times, all other filters only get checked for an applied once.

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