Multiple problems after upgrading

Hi there, I live in The Netherlands and i have a Chalet in Italy. I use Easyreservations on our website: After the last update I suffered some problems:

– the timetable doenst show the reserved periods anymore
– the timetable doenst show weeknumbers anymore
– the timetable doenst show the prices anymore

I set the update back but that didn’t help.

Can you give me some advice in how to resolve these issues?

Thank you very much!

Peter van Keulen

What do you mean with timetable?
Please a link to the page with the problem.


Yes, it works differently now.

Instead of trying to display reservations it only allows selection of available dates that also have a possible departure.

Before it would display errors until you got your selection right, now it only allows you to select possible time ranges. Better usabilty.

The one downside is of couse that they cannot see for how long reservations are possible from the day in question. I do not have perfect solution for that, but hope to find one. If you have any ideas please let me know. Maybe it shows something like “available for 10 days from here” when hovering the arrival day in the calendar?

To display prices is a feature I still want to implent until 6.0 final.


I will wait for the update 6.0

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