Need information

Hi i need information before buy plugin.

It’s for a service related to an airport so I need:

– a form with date AND time of arrival + date AND time of departure (normally it’s ok I tried)

– according to the number of days indicated it is necessary that the price is calculated by itself
(normally that’s ok I tried)

– it would take a decreasing price, the more the customer chooses day less the price of the day is high (example: 1 day = 20 € / day, 2 day = 18 € / day, etc …) using a percentage of daily reduction or other
(Very important !)

– that the hours be limited to 2 bookings, once July 12th at 8:30 am has been reserved 2x it is necessary that this time slot is unavailable
(normally that’s ok I tried)

– we can add options (example cleaning option +15 €, etc)
(normally that’s ok I tried)

If all these options are possible please let me know as soon as I buy the plugin and I start the configuration of the booking module.

Thanks in advance

Yes, that is all possible. You can try it with the free version and in the demo

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