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Hi Easyadmin,
thanks for your continued work. couple of things. Downloaded new beta as you suggested unfortunately can’t get it to function for me.
the dropdown menu seems unpopulated (because it is blank : on a Mac anyway safari and firefox) and trying to select childs
doesn’t work for me.

Is there any way that you can name a custom filter (which we currently do) ? and this will appear in the ”mode drop down menu? then
we can build up the mode argument so we would have 4 drop down (select) menus which would read left to right

Price per ‘custom field (or filter)’ ‘per person’ + ‘per day
percent Reservation blank blank

then it would be great to be able to choose this as a custom field when we build up the forms

forgive me easyadmin I am no coder, I’m hopefully thinking you may be able to incorporate this as from what I understand
we cannot currently add a time-period condition to a price field in the form And I really need this function

I need to create a situation where more is charged for an item if it falls within a date period (July-august)

ie 1 dog in low period costs 1:00 per dog per day
but i1 dog in peak period costs 2:00 per dog per day

Hope this makes sense

(ps realised the dropdown examples may not read correctly so can email a diagram if you like… really need this resolved asap…keep up the good work)

Filter wont ever be optional or appear in the form, such a change would be to deep and would result in to many new bugs. It’s more possible to give the price fields the function to work with dates. After the next update is bug free and released the plan is to renew the price fields function completely, so it’s a good time for this suggestion.
But you can see in the beta how long it takes to change a function from ground till a releasable version and the changes on the filters weren’t as deep. Don’t excpect it before June. So it won’t help you.
Sorry, but I can’t rush new functions anymore.

Hi Easyadmin,

yeah i understand this is quite probably a deep issue but I can’t see that this problem has not been found earlier, is there no way we can provide a quick fix based on my suggestion?

I can’t wait till June, no disrespect, this is a great product seeing as it is based around a calendar it fails me to see why each price element is not affected by that.

Is there a ‘dirty’ workaround perhaps that I could try? I certainly wouldn’t hold you responsible but I am at a stage where i have to provide a solution…

Many Thanks


I don’t see any workaround. I would try to check and uncheck hidden price chechboxes as of the selected date in an own little javascript/jquery function that runs onchange of the date fields. Of course a bit dirty, but possible without knowledge of the system.

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