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The last beta changes the customs fields so, short code like this:
[price select extrabed "No:0,Yes:15" title="Do you need a extra bed?" pn]
this short code no longer works, to me at least, I don’t for the rest of people.
so I change for this: [custom id="2" title="Do you need a extra bed?" pn]
But, the “pn” or “pp” or “pb” doesn’t work

In other point, in Premium 3.4 Guide at page 23 I see this examples:

[price checkbox cleanup "yes:20" pn]
[price select drink "luxury:50,normal:25,none:0"]

at the web site you can see

[price select Title "first option:0,second option:5,third options:10"]

So what’s the correct way to use the customs price fields?

In other point. I try used the new system custom fields editor, but I could filter the custom fields prices by resource.
The old code was
[price checkbox Title "only option:1>5;2>10-res"]

In my case, I would only charge an extra bed, if the user selects a specific rooms.

How I must to do?

You can select conditions for the new price fields format as well, including defining different prices per resources and choosing a multiplier. Have a look for the conditions you can define for each option. The old format should still work, but if it doesn’t I wont fix it again. Senseless to keep two systems alive doing the same and maybe I can clean up and delete the old format later on.

I deleted the old format and I have used the new.
But pp calculation options, pn and pb are still not working.
Just add 1 price once, and does not work the condition of the resource

And this is the code I use in form:


You have to define the multiplier in the filter itself. After defining a conditions price you can select a multiplier.

I followed your steps, and I don’t know if this is a bug.
The billing unit for my rooms is “daily billing”
You can see it here:

I followed your instructions and I have set the price at the end
You can see it here:

I save the changes and try a test on the booking form. If I make a reservation for 3 nights, and select 1 Extra bed for a double room, the system only adds the price for a Extra bed for 1 night

If I edit the data in the custom field I see that there is a bug. I lost all custom filters.
You can see it here

If I’m setting a wrong filters, please, could you tell me which is the correct setting?
If instead it is a bug, could you tell me how to fix it?

In my case, as you know, the old code to the price custom fields no longer work.

I’m looking forward to hearing you.


Enter a price in the options field. At least 0.


Sorry, but If you explain a little better it would be more easy to close this support ticket.

As I said, the guests have to decide if they want an extra bed or not (YES or NO). If they selected a suite, the extra bed has a zero cost but If they selected a double room or twin bed it cost 15 € / night.

I change again the fields, put the prices in options fields (I think, because I have 4 prices fields)
As I said, if I edit options again I lose all settings.

The old code was [price select extrabed “No:0,Yes:15″ title=”Do you need a extra bed?” pn] and I want the same.

Test one Did not work
When you edit this change like this

Test two Did not work

Delete the first options conditions, as they make no sense. The price is 0 in the first place.
And for the second option make the options price to 0 and leave the conditions as they are.

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