New reservation trough admin cant be activated


We are using premium license and we have mail about this problem before with no response.
We are unable to activate a reservation. When opening the reservation and pressing activate or activation in the list of pending reservations, non work.

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what exactly don’t work?
Please describe your workflow exactly. There’s no function called “activate”, it’s approve.
And if you edit the reservation and select the status approved manually?
Comes an error?



My excuse, i mean approve a pending reservation.
Only way to activate/approve it is by entering ‘yes’ in the table of the reservation trough phpmyadmin.
Approving trough the dropdown option in the status of the reservation, doesnt get saved.
approviing trgouh the green approve button in the pending reservation list, doenst work.

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I’ll need access to check it myself.

We are having this same problem.

– We create a new reservation through the WP admin
– This reservation gets created with Pending status
– We edit the reservation to approve it
– Clicking on approve does nothing

Any idea why?

Try the beta. I think there were some fixes for the approvement.
If it’s not helping please say where exactly you click on approve and what happens.

Activating is solved in the beta. But when selecting the time in the time grid for a new reservation, the time still is not send with it (default 12:00 and 12:00 no mather what I select).

You mean the overview in admin dashboard?

@easyadmin, when on the main page of easy reservation you get a time schedule. We use the per hour schedule for booking. When selecting a time frame (start and ending point), you will be redirected to a create new reservation where the start and ending time are default 12:00 and not changed to the selected start and ending time.

Okay, that’s a know bug. I’ve fixed it a couple of times already, but anything between the server time, the javascript calculated time, summer and winter time and the time zone is breaking it again and again.
I’ll look into it again, but it’s hard to debug as the time data it uses are used to generate the overview too.

Oke, that sounds legit. But how can we fix it? Out of experience I know that time is crappy to program with, but there is always a fix! What next?

I’ll try to fix it again before releasing the next version, but there are definitely more important things.

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