No ajax or custom css! Theme requirements for Easy reservation?

Hi there!

First of all, plugin is looking great!
Can’t get some things to work though, most importantly ajax form submission and custom css I created a page just for easyReservation.

The page loads header.php and footer.php through their respective wp commands. Still some of the (I’m guessing) required eR javascript files don’t get loaded. Specifically the ajax form and the wp_localize_script js variables. It seems like easyreservations_register_scripts in both.php doesn’t get fired at all (which could explain why my custom css file isn’t working).

Is there something I can provide to make my problem clearer?

Does it still happen with standard theme?
A link would be good.

Does it still happen with standard theme?
A link would be good.

Just tried it on a vanilla WordPress install, and everything is working perfectly (haven’t tested out the custom css though…)

I’m uploading the site to a test folder now but it’s a bit slow. However, I’m running a pagekite, so you can access the page in question (don’t mind the styles!)


Again, thank you for your quick reply. The faster I can set this up the faster I can go premium and add some payment options!


Any luck with this? Still stuck :/
The page is now available @

Any pointers would be helpful!

As it seems your theme has no footer to execute scripts there. They are required:
“Use the wp_footer() call, to appear just before closing body tag.”

Awesome support! Learning something new everyday.

Will purchase once properly setup.

Again thank you!


Just wanted to say, I’m really happy with the plugin. Will proceed to purchase!

Thanks 😉

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