No more than 3 time filters in free version ?

I have installed and tried to set the booking calendar system.

In my case, i have to manage 5 holiday houses, rented by weeks, from saturday 12pm to saturday 16pm.

The prices depends of the period, they are 4 : low, middle, high and very high season

For each of the 4 seasons, i whant to set the non-consecutives weeks as this (the date format is day/month) :

Low Season : 990 € / semaine from 01/01 to 01/06 & from 12/10 to 31/12
Middle Season : 1300 € / week from 01/06 to 15/06 & from 14/09 to 12/10
High Season : 1600 € / week from 15/06 to 06/07 & from 24/08 to 14/09
Very high Season : 2550€ / week from 06/07 to 24/08

But i can’t add more than 3 filters. Each time i want to add a fourth filter, one of the already created filter is deleted.

In fact it seems that i can’t have more than 3 filters…

Is it a restriction of the free version or a bug ?

Also, each time i edit a filter, all the dates are destroyed and appears like this : NaN.NaN.NaN

Thank you for your reply 🙂

Best regards

Ok, i answer myself because i found the reason why ; we must use the priority to add filters. Adding a unique number to each filter, we can create unlimited number of filters.

But there is a little bug when editing a filter already created : we have to re-create the dates and the hours.

So, half solved !

Hi Micka,

Could you tell me how I can set filters for the prices per a season like you have indicated above?
so when a booking is made under that season the price is filtered for that season.

Thank you

Hi Louven,

Here is a scren capture of my configuration. I hope this can help you. If not, let me know and i’ll try to describe the settings.

ressources screen capture

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