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After adding the [show_price] at the reservation form, the form it does not show the total price for the reservation. Also the price is not shown on the widget calendar as the exemple on your web. We downloaded the free pluging to test it before buyint the Premium, but we cannot make it work properly (the price field). All the prices have been registrered on the data base of installations. Whne previewing the plugging on wordpress, it does work, but not to normal internet user access.
You can see the problem at:

It’s your theme (or slider). Error: Uncaught TypeError: Property ‘$’ of object [object Object] is not a function

Replace the $ by “jQuery” in:

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		preload: false,
		preloadImage: 'images/loading.gif',
		play: 5000,
		pause: 2500,
		hoverPause: true});


Also ajax requests get declined as if they were admin requests. Will be some sort of preventing the access to admin or the admin bar for users.

The code you mention, it does not appear on the theme code used on the web (Catch Box) or either on the whole website code. When previewing the plugging on wordpress, everything appears correctly (price and calendar) but not when entering on the website as a normal internet user.
Hope you could find a good solution soon, so we can experience how the program works before buying the premium version.

Well, if you look at the source good it’s line 73 – 82. It begins with:

However, that’s all not easyreservations related problems and this is only for bug reports on easyreservations. I don’t give support for themes or other plugins. Why should I?
Hope I could help you getting into fixing your website.

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