One day booking

Hello we are considering using this plugin as a standard option in the Tourism Websites we are developing. Although before making this choice we need to know more about it’s features.

1) Single day bookings
Is it possible to create single day booking resources. For example a tourism organisation offering a one day safari. The users only want to select the date… they don’t want to select a departure date as the safari is just a one day trip.

2) Cart / remembering the already selected bookings?
Is it possible to make to make multiple bookings in one session? The idea is, a visitor books a room, but can also book additional excursions offered by the tourism organisation in the same session. So the user surfs the website, adds rooms, excursions etc to some kind of cart and makes the official booking of all resources in one booking process.

These options are very important for us and will involve our decision of using this plugin as a standard item to our new projects when a booking services is needed to be implemented.


1. Yes, delete the form field.
2. You can make multiple reservations in a row and submit them together.

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