page in easyreservation not working

when entering reservations and trying to see the second page of reservations on the dashboard, under javascript:easyreservation_send_table( clicking on page number doesn’t seem to work anymore. what can I do to fix this, I deactivated all the plugins and the issue is still there.

Upon doing an inspect, I got this error message: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input

Works fine in the demo. Can you tell me on which easyreservations file and line the error gets caused?

I don’t know where the error is being caused exactly. I basically used the right-click inspect that is available in chrome and looked at the error on the inspect screen.

I activated twenty-nineteen theme to see if the theme was conflicting but no success with that either. My javascript skills are very early stages.

Seems like I cannot go from 1 page to another in easyreservations when looking at the list on the dashboard.

Page I’m looking at is

which is the dashboard and I found the script through the inspect in chrome for easyreservations_send_table( In the HTML <head> section:

function easyreservations_send_table(typ, paging, order, order_by){
jQuery(‘#easy-table-refreshimg’).addClass(‘fa-spin fa-3x’);
var resource_select = 0; var month_select = ”; var statusselect = 0; var searchdatefield = ”; var searching = ”; var perge = 10;
var order = ”;
if(jQuery(‘#easy_table_order’).length>0) var order = jQuery(‘#easy_table_order’).val();
var order_by = ”;
if(jQuery(‘#easy_table_order_by’).length>0) var orderby = jQuery(‘#easy_table_order_by’).val();

if(jQuery(‘#easy-table-search-field’).length>0) searching = jQuery(‘#easy-table-search-field’).val();
if(jQuery(‘#easy-table-search-date’).length>0) searchdatefield = jQuery(‘#easy-table-search-date’).val();
if(jQuery(‘#easy-table-statusselector’).length>0) statusselect = jQuery(‘#easy-table-statusselector’).val();
if(jQuery(‘#easy_table_month_selector’).length>0) month_select = jQuery(‘#easy_table_month_selector’).val();
if(jQuery(‘#easy_table_resource_selector’).length>0) resource_select = jQuery(‘#easy_table_resource_selector’).val();
if(jQuery(‘#easy-table-perpage-field’).length>0) perge = jQuery(‘#easy-table-perpage-field’).val();

if(typ && typ != ”) location.hash = typ;
else if(window.location.hash) var typ = window.location.hash.replace(‘#’, ”);
if(typ != ‘current’ && typ != ‘pending’ && typ != ‘deleted’ && typ != ‘all’ && typ != ‘old’ && typ != ‘trash’ && typ != ‘favourite’ ) typ = ‘active’;

var data = {
action: ‘easyreservations_send_table’,
security: ‘061242a97c’,
processData: false
};, data, function(response) {
return false;
jQuery(window).bind(‘hashchange’, function() {
if(window.location.hash) var typ = window.location.hash.replace(‘#’, ”);
if(typ == ‘active’ || typ == ‘current’ || typ == ‘pending’ || typ == ‘deleted’ || typ == ‘all’ || typ == ‘old’ || typ == ‘trash’ || typ == ‘favourite’ ) easyreservations_send_table(typ, 1);

is there something missing?

Here is how the code appears in the inspect at number 2 for page 2 through edit as HTML:


When inspecting it shows the error and in which file and on which line it happens.

Is this by pressing source?

If so, the file is admin.php?page=reservations and the line seems to be line 172, because it is the first line that shows at the top on the inspect source.

else if(window.location.hash) var typ = window.location.hash.replace(‘#’, ”);

Please send me admin access to

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