Page with calender/form does not load calender after update 5.0

Version: 5.0.7

Calender missing:
I only ged the tags shown –> [easy_hourlycalendar standard=“5″ width=“100″ price=“0″ days=“31″ resource=“display“ start=“9″ end=“23″ clock=“24″ interval=“30″ monthes=“1×1″]

The Formular Looks not nice either.

Looks as if the quotes are wrong. Try to generate it again with the shortcode generator.

Thank you … the quotes are “wrong” becaus you changed them. It worked fine from 2015 onwards…
Calender ist displayd again – thank you.

Next Problem with the formular … but this is another report

The plugin does not alter page contents in any way.

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