Permission don't work

It appears to me that regardless of what I set the permissions to in the Settings panel, only an Administrator can edit a booking.

What I really want is to be able to grant that right to an individual. I don’t want to give admin role out to someone whos job it is to manage the bookings.

The documentation suggests this is possible by adding extra roles via code or a plugin, but since setting the permissions to any of the standard roles (other than administrator) still doesn’t allow someone with that role to manage the bookings, I’m doubtful that would work.

Has anyone got this to work?

I think this might be due to line 158 of easyReservations_admin_settings.php where the code checks current_user_can('manage_options') for the manage_options capability, as opposed to checking what role the user has and by default I think only admin has ‘manage_options’.

however, since this is my first daliy into PHP and specifically WP PHP, I could be wrong.

I’m now going to figure out how to add a role to WP and give it the required capability.

Then it will be a case of finding all the capabilities required to do this.

Every resource has its’s own permission setting and if that isn’t matched you can’t work with their resources.

Ah – I’m sorry, I hadn’t spotted that – that is really good, since I can now add a role specifically for this.
Thank you.

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