PLEASE HELP! How to hard-code "From" address?

I can’t receive reservation emails, because they coming from the email address which Sender stated in reservation form.
My hosting provider doesn’t allow it, saying that all must be sent from the hosted email address. If I have domain, reservation email must come from “”.
How to hard-code the “From” address? What php file should I edit?

My hosting provider said it’s easy:
The fix here is actually fairly simple. You just need to make sure that
your contact form is configured to hard-code the ‘From’ address to one
you have hosted here at Dreamhost (you could set up something like specifically for this). Alternatively, you could
also just use your shell/FTP user’s address on the server. How do you
make sure you can reply to the person that filled out the form? Easy!
Just assign the site visitor’s email address (the one they put in the
form) to the ‘Reply-to’ header.

lib/classes/reservation.class.php search for the variable “$headers”.

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