Plugin bug in multilanguage site (maybe).

Situation: wordpress 3.4.2 + easyreservations 3.1 + polylang.

Default language set in polylang: italian (and in wp-config.php the WPLANG is it_IT).
Other language: english.

When showing easyreservations form english page (in the source code the tag attribute lang is en-US)

the error messages are displayed in italian language.

Obviously, If I remove the italian mo file the messages are in english language.

How I can resolve?

I use the normal function from the wordpress codex to load the language. It uses get_locale(); to find out which language is active. If you’ve set WP_LANG is it_IT it takes the italian language file as default.
I don’t know polylang, but if it doesn’t change the result of get_locale() as of the users select I wouldn’t recommend to use it.

Hello. First, I’m building a website ( for free!! ) for a little hotel where my wife work. Maybe I will buy the premium version if the hotel’s boss give me money!
I can’t replace polylang (is a great plugin as easyreservations is). I have solved adding some javascript to easyreservations\lib\functions\both.php to translate the form and some javascript to easyreservations\js\ajax\send_validate.js to translate the error messages.
I can give more details to those interested. Bye

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