Possible datepicker bug


I found some curious behaviour and thinks it is a bug.

– I have one resource and set it to ‘hourly billing’.
– I have a form with arrival-day, arrival hour and departure-day, departure-hour.

This should make it possible for someone to book my resource from 8:00 to 12:00 and another person from 13:00 to 14:00

Here is the form the user has to complete:

– If you do not change the arrival-day (datepicker) it works fine, and you can select the same day in the departure datepicker
– If you pick a arrival date (even just picking today) the departure datepicker doesn’t allow you to pick the same day as the arrival date.

Is this a bug?

thx in advance!

This behavior was already changed in current beta and next update.

Is the beta available? Or when is the update planned to release?

Is there a way I can fix this myself? (while waiting for the next release? When?)

Thx Alot!

Of course. The datepickers gets generated at the end of /lib/functions/both.php. I think the argument is minDay or something similar and the value should be 0 instead of +1.

Thx alot, it worked. It was line #1127:

date.setDate(date.getDate()+1); // Remove +1

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