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I use your plugin on my site but I am having a big problem. I can not change the price of my hotel room. I tried modifying an existing price but also by creating a new room and it does not work!

Thank you for giving me what to do or correct this problem. The room rate is € 0 today .

I have also a problem with all the message that appear when someone make a reservation. They are all in english and i would like it in french for the french version of the website and in english for the uk version.

For exemple : Please continue by paying through PayPal or enter your credit card details. Prix: 5 500,00 € (there is some french and some english and i would like to change the texte). I haven’t the premium version so paiement is not allowed ….

Best regards !

Please a screenshot of the resources settings.
You can change that text in the forms shortcode.


Ok I found the texte element to modify for the translation, and i found the filed to change the price of the room. Thanks for your answer.

I also have another important question.

For the hotel the price per room for 2 persons is 185€ but we can rent the room for 2 person more witch the extra charge price is 35€ per person and per night.

I would like to configure the easyreservation system in order to ad this filter, to generate automaticaly the newest price.

I create this filter : Priority 1 – Filter by condition – Type Number of adults – Condition 3 – Type Price per reservation – Type : Extra charge – Price 35€

The problem is that i could not add the price that i would (35€ here). in this field i could extra charge the price only by 55€ our 555€. Only the number 5 can be ad in this fild.
How can i put the extra charge that i want ?

Do i have to add a cutom field in the page of each room ? If it is yes, which name is it ?

Second question – in the accomodation page i use the custom field : reservations_child_price but in the form when i choose 2 children and 2 adult the price is not updated – Normally the price would be 185+35*2 but i have just 185€. And i don’t understand why ?

There is also a problem with te calendar which is not responsive design could you fix this bug please ?

If you want i could let you an access to the web site.

I use Viva hotel template.

Best regards.

Is it possible to have an answer ?

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