Price per person and specific dates

I have three filters, first is a holiday price, second a low season price and third is a price per person. There are three problems:

1. I want the price to be $150/night regular season for families and $143/night for couples. Right now I have to set the regular season price $7.00 lower ($143/night) to create the couples price and then raise it $7.00 when 3 or more guests reserve (for regualar price of $150.00/night). The problem is that the program then displays $143/night as the standard price which is listed elsewhere are $150.00. Is there any way to set the price per person to be 2 or less rather than 3 or more?

2. I want a different couples price for the holidays. It should be $200/night regular price and $150/night with the couples discount. Since I already have a couples discount of $7.00/night (see above) I can’t seem to find a way to add the couples discount of $50/night for a specific date range.

3. Holiday date range is Dec 20 – Jan 3. It is currently set for Dec 20, 2012 – Jan 3, 2013. Is there a way to set this to repeat for the same dates every year without setting up a filter for each year. For example, the price changes for Dec 20 – 31 and Jan 1 – 3 with no specific year.

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