Price Select + conditionals – Field not visible in Reservation View

Hi still playing with conditionals, and got this mental select field:

[price select PickupArea “Choose pickup point,EN4:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,EN5:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N10:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N11:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N12:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N14:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N2:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N20:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N22:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,N3:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,NW11:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,NW4:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,NW7:10>0;11>0;12>0-res,City1,City2,City3,City4” *]

Price field is not visible in Reservation View after submitting reservation, if one of the options with conditionals is selected.
If you select option ‘City1’ (without conditional) from this select field, it works fine.
Can you help please?

hi, any updates on this? Is this working correctly in the premium version?

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