Price Select – display price error with conditionals


Really nifty plugin this is – good work!
Will definitely buy premium once I get to online payments development stage with current site.

Just got one suggestion – It would be really nice to have a toggle for price displaying in select form field and others as it doesn’t parse conditionals correctly:

having: OPTION:10>1;11>2;12>3-res, it will display OPTION: $10 in select form field as it takes resource ID for the price.

Currently I’m editing easyReservations_form_shortcode.php file somwhere around line 321 by removing ‘.easyreservations_format_money($explodeprice[1], 1).’ to avoid displaying the price, but would be really nice to have it corrected. A shortcode toggle for displaying the price anyway would be useful.

Another thing: Is there a way to display more than one reservation form in one post/page?

Totally forgot that situation, I’ll think about a solution. But it wont be as great that it’s automatically change the price in the select as it would need a too complex script.

No, it’s not possible to have multiple forms on one page.

Seen it corrected in new update thanks!

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