Custom price: pb

The custom price with “pb” attribute doesn’t get calculated correctly, it should be per person, per day, correct? But it is calculated as a one time price?

It just saves the calculated amount at reserving to save database storage.

Sorry, I updated the problem description, the problem seems to be with the “pb” attribute. Because of that I had replaced it with pn and pp simultaneously but that gave more problems.

Tried it and it works fine for me. Can you post your tag here?

OK, here is the (multilanguage) code for all the custom fields that I have. The basic price is per person and daily billing.

[lang value=”Schoonmaakbeurten” en_US=”Cleanings” de_DE=”Reinigungen”]
[lang value=”Aantal, prijs per keer” en_US=”Amount, price per time” de_DE=”Aanzahl, Preis pro Zeit”]
[price select Schoonmaakbeurten “1:175,2:350,3:525″]

[lang value=”Ontbijt” en_US=”Breakfast” de_DE=”Frühstück”]
[lang value=”Per persoon, per dag” en_US=”Per person, per day” de_DE=”Pro Person, pro Tag”]
[price select Ontbijt “[lang value=”Nee” en_US=”No” de_DE=”Nein”]:0,[lang value=”Ja” en_US=”Yes” de_DE=”Ja”]:5″ pb]

[lang value=”Borg” en_US=”Deposit” de_DE=”Anzahlung”]
[lang value=”Per reservering” en_US=”Per booking” de_DE=”Pro Reservierung”]
[price select Deposit “[lang value=”Verplicht” en_US=”Required” de_DE=”Erforderlich”]:500″]

[lang value=”Toeristenbelasting” en_US=”Tourist tax” de_DE=”Kurtaxe”]
[lang value=”Per persoon, per dag” en_US=”Per person, per day” de_DE=”Pro Person, pro Tag”]
[price select Touristtax “[lang value=”Verplicht” en_US=”Required” de_DE=”Erforderlich”]:1″ pb]

And if you try the same without language tags in it?

OK I will have to test that much later (holidays first)

OK, finally back from holidays and back to work. I tested it on a clean install of WordPress, with and without language tags. I have upgraded to the latest beta also. But there is a bug in the price calculation on the reservation edit screen:

View screenshot

This is my form config:

[hidden resource 6]
[hidden form_room]
[lang value="Boekingsinformatie" en_US="Booking information" de_DE="Buchungsinformationen"]

[lang value="Aankomst" en_US="Arrival" de_DE="Anreise"]:
[lang value="Vertrek" en_US="Departure" de_DE="Abfahrt"]:
[lang value="Personen" en_US="Persons" de_DE="Personen"]:
[lang value="Basisprijs" en_US="Basic price" de_DE="Grundpreis"]:
[lang value="Totaalprijs" en_US="Total price" de_DE="Gesamtpreis"]: [show_price]

[lang value="Aankomstdatum" en_US="Date of arrival" de_DE="Anreisedatum"]


[lang value="Aantal nachten" en_US="Amount of nights" de_DE="Nächte"]

[units 1 14]

[lang value="Volwassenen" en_US="Adults" de_DE="Erwachsenen"]
[lang value="Vanaf 12 jr" en_US="From 12 yrs" de_DE="Ab 12 Jahre"]
[adults 20 40]

[lang value="Kinderen" en_US="Children" de_DE="Kinder"]
[lang value="Tot 12 jr, maximaal 6 kinderen per 20 volw." en_US="To 12 yrs, maximum 6 kids per 20 adults" de_DE="Bis 12 Jahre, maximal 6 Kinder pro 20 Erwachsenen"]
[childs 0 12]

[lang value="Faciliteiten" en_US="Facilities" de_DE="Anlagen"]

[lang value="Schoonmaakbeurten" en_US="Cleanings" de_DE="Reinigungen"]
[lang value="Aantal, prijs per keer" en_US="Amount, price per time" de_DE="Aanzahl, Preis pro Zeit"]
[price select Schoonmaakbeurten "1:175,2:350,3:525"]

[lang value="Ontbijt" en_US="Breakfast" de_DE="Frühstück"]
[lang value="Per persoon, per dag" en_US="Per person, per day" de_DE="Pro Person, pro Tag"]
[price select Ontbijt "Nee:0,Ja:5" pb]

[lang value="Borg" en_US="Deposit" de_DE="Anzahlung"]
[lang value="Per reservering" en_US="Per booking" de_DE="Pro Reservierung"]
[price select Deposit "TEST:500"]

[lang value="Toeristenbelasting" en_US="Tourist tax" de_DE="Kurtaxe"]
[lang value="Per persoon, per dag" en_US="Per person, per day" de_DE="Pro Person, pro Tag"]
[price select Touristtax "TEST:1" pb]

[lang value="Persoonlijke informatie" en_US="Personal information" de_DE="Persönliche Informationen"]

[lang value="Naam" en_US="Name" de_DE="Name"]
[lang value="Voor- en achternaam" en_US="First and last name" de_DE="Vor- und Nachname"]



[lang value="Telefoon" en_US="Telephone" de_DE="Telefon"]

[custom text Phone *]
[lang value="Adres" en_US="Address" de_DE="Adresse"]

[custom text Address *]

[lang value="Postcode" en_US="Postcode" de_DE="Postleitzahl"]

[custom text Postcode *]

[lang value="Woonplaats" en_US="City" de_DE="Wohnort"]

[custom text City *]

[lang value="Land" en_US="Country" de_DE="Land"]

[country value="NL"]

[lang value="Opmerkingen" en_US="Comments" de_DE="Kommentare"]
[lang value="Optioneel bericht" en_US="Optional message" de_DE="Optionale Mitteilung"]
[custom textarea Message]
[lang value="Beveiligingscontrole" en_US="Safety check" de_DE="Sicherheitscheck"]
[lang value="Typ de volgende letters/cijfers over" en_US="Type the following characters" de_DE="Geben Sie die folgenden Buchstaben / Zahlen"]

[submit [lang value="Verzenden" en_US="Send" de_DE="Senden"]]

It seems like it puts the custom price numbers together as strings?

Could find and fix the bug with the edit calculation.
But if I use for example the tag [price select Touristtax “TEST:1” pb] everything works fine for me in the form.
Can you give me a link to the form?

The form itself works for me as well now. But is it possible for you to add [lang] tag support for the options? (because I can’t use those there).

And how can I translate the custom price names on the invoice? (in this case: Touristtax)

I can use language tags in the option.

Select Code
[price select Touristtax "[lang value="Standar" en_EN="eng" de_DE="ger"]:1" pb]

works fine.
There’s no way to translate them in the invoice, but you can use language tags on the title too.


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