Problem displaying correct booking´s hours on same day with my local time

Hi. There is an issue when I book some hours the same day, I mean (today), so for example, if i want to book some resource between 15:00 and 16:00 and my local time is 10:00 the dashboard displays this like an old event, even the event is in the future, so when I get in the summary table (price,paid,time,status) that appears when I´m editing the booking, under the “Time label” the booking is in the Past, so looks like expired and the editing process become a little uncomfortable.

I found the same issue trying your demo with a little time difference. I tried to book a resource until I finally got the “active” under the Time label instead of “past”, and i found that the difference varies 5 hours. I made this test at 10:00.

When i did the same on my page the difference is around 7 hours. So the first thing i checked was my WP installation and currently has my timezone, the second one was picking my country when i made the book (same result).

So, I don´t know if this issue is related with the time zone GMT? or maybe where the servers ore my hosting company are located?, or maybe something in the code that allows me to sync the hours?

I hope this information is useful and can help more people if the problem can be solved.

Thanks in advance.


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