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We are renting rooms on a day basis for payment. I am now trying to apply a filter so that if a guest reserves for a month, he gets a fixed price. I set the condition to reserved days > 30, but now I dont seem to have any option to set a fixed price other than changing price per day to monthly price / 30 (which returns a wrong price on months with 31 days (and for february too of course). Am I overlooking something?

1. Add a “stop processing further filters” to the list of actions. To illustrate, after the reserved day > 30 filter with priority 1, there is another filter for an additional person in the room with priority 2. This last filter always gets executed, even if the monthly price situation above does not take into account amount of people in the room. If I could change the additional person filter priority to 3 and insert a “stop processing further filters” with priority 2, this problem would get resolved elegantly. I’m sure there are many other situations where this would come in handy.
2. Add a minus 1 and minus 2 to “price per adults” (and per adults per billing unit) in the mode field. This would allow for easy configuration of extra people in a room. For example: Price per room per day for 1 person 100$ extra person 20$. User would then be able to create baseprice 100$, Filter adults in room => 2, add 20$ per adult -1 per billing unit. Or another example: price per room 100$ per day for max 2 people. Extra person 20$. User would now be able to create baseprice 100$, filter adults in room => 3, add 20$ per adult – 2 per billing unit. The way it is now you need to change the base price to respectively 80$ and 60$ and use a filter adults in room => 1, It works ok but looks very weird on the billing sheet.

You can also change the base price which does what you look for.

1. Only the first of same type filters get’s applied. Everything more would be too complicated.
2. Too complicated and a very special edge case.

Not exactly… the base price has to remain at the daily price since daily rental is default….

1. Yes, I noticed that. Problem is that my 2 filters are of a different type and I want only filter 1 to be executed if it applies, not filter 2, even if filter 2 applies.



I mean changing the base price with a filter when the guest reserves for longer then 30 days. Or what do you mean with fixed price?

If I change the base price, it gets charged for every day. If I change it to monthly price / 30 the total price is wrong for months with 31 days (and for february)

Fixed price, the price you input manually and that overrides any calcularon

There’s no automatic way for that.

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