Problem with IE

I have installed the plugin and it seems great but I am having problems when viewing in Internet Explorer.
The colors in the calendar to show if available or not are not working -though I see you have already mentioned this is fixed on the next update- but also in the form, the resources don’t show up and therefore doest not calculate the price either, so it cannot be sent.

Any ideas if I may be doing something wrong?


Thank you!!

Sorry, one more question: when will the next update be?



I need to give my clients an answer as per why the form is not working with IE. We are testing the plugin and seriously considering buying the premium because it looks really nice with the payment options, it is perfect for what they are looking for, but really need to know about this problem with IE.

Thanks again for your time and nice work.

We are experiencing the same problem. When reviewing the calendar in Internet Explorer 8 or 9, there are no colors for free or occupied resources. This is a problem creating seriously obstacles for the visitors of that site. I would be very happy if someone is able to advice for a solution (even temporary before the next release of this plug-in).

Best Regards,
Svetoslav Blyahov

Try to use another calendar style. The IE just has no function for multiple background layers. I would need to make an own image for each possible combination and calendar. The boxed style is good for IE as it uses text color to show the availability.

Could you, please advice for a possible way to change the calendar theme only if viewed by IE? I suspect our client will not be happy to change the theme in all the browsers, because of a design concern.

You can use the normal css if clauses for IE to change a stylesheet class in IE.

How To Create an IE-Only Stylesheet

The question is more what to change as the IE doesn’t support multiple background layers.

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