Problems on site with multiple sites

Plugin seems to have some slight issues when run in a multisite environment. You can’t make reservations (fails on line 1370 in reservation_class.php), price calculation behaves slightly odd (seems like it only calculates price for the first day) and there are some slight issues with the way it looks on a subsite, compared to how it looks on a topsite (headings are white instead to the normal dark grey in the admin interface)

Thanks for reporting it. While supporting multisite is not very important as our license is per owner I’ll try to have a look at it.

Thanks – it’s very important for us, as a website software development company , to be able to develop and run multiple projects at the same time, for different kinds of customers… that’s why we are using multisite setups for development, (and even production) and for demos for potential customers.

Btw. you are able to make bookings, if you are using the top-level site in a multisite – unfortunately, that’s not very practical for us, since we are using the top-level site for our own company website.

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