Red Bar in Dashboard not accurate position.


There appears to be some inaccuracy in the red reservations bar on the Dashboard.

Please see the 2 image links here:

The reservation for Yue Wu ends on 1-Mar 10am but the red bar appears to extend well into the next booking for Georgia which starts on 1-Mar 2pm.

When you hover the cursor over these fields, it gives the correct pop-ups, as per the attd image files.

But the sloped black line shows Yue Wu leaves on 2-Mar, which is not right.

Any thoughts on this, as it seems to happen elsewhere too? Many thanks . . .

Please try the latest as there were some fixes at the overview. Will try to reproduce and fix it this evening.

Thanks 😀

Will wait and see if you can replicate and resolve the issue.

I notice 2 columns on the Settings > Premium page for Installed and Actual.

Does Actual really mean Latest ? as in the latest version available?

So if I see one of those out of sync, I should just click on Download to update?

cheers . . .

I can’t reproduce it. Tried to add the same reservations but they show perfectly.
If you haven’t already try the beta and if that doesn’t help I’ll need FTP and admin access.

Yes, it means latest. If there are updates for modules there’s always an update to the easyreservations plugin to do first.

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