Related posts add-on not exist and Paypal Bug

Hi, i update this plugin to 3.4.2 and found that related post not exist in resource setting even though this module already activated.

And for paypal module, the paid price increased

Thank you

Related posts will be fixed in next beta.

Please explain the paid problem. They are paying through paypal and then it’s no 100%, but more? Never head of that and nothing has changed on paypal either,

in payment gateway i activate paypal sandbox and yes,
in reservation dashboard, the paid price not 100% but more, stopped at 900%.

So when you view the reservations the amount paid is incorrect as well? Or is it just the % display in the list? Please a link to the form.

at first the amount paid is 100%, after that, the amount paid goes up until 900% then stopped.
I don’t know if it just the display or real because i am using sandbox test account. not the real one.

This is url to the form
it is very urgent for me. Thank you

Can you take a look at the IPN history in your sandbox owner account and look if they send the ipn request nine times? At best make a screenshot.
At which interval and amount does it increases? Is it 100% and one second later 900%?

after activating ipn history, in the history payment there are 6 transactions only
so it can be ensured that this is just bug on the display

How to fix this bug? What must i do?
Thank you

The ipn history looks like this:
An make a screenshot from one of the failed IPN calls (click on details).

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