Good afternoon
The hours already appear, and I think I have pre-filled everything, I made a manual reservation on September 1 and 2
But for the customer to book on the same date, the reservation is made, this can not happen, meaning you have to say that you are rented

You need to set the manual reservation to approved.

Good afternoon
The reservations are all approved and continue to rent over the same date, and the booking form is also resolved
Another question
I set the client to pay 50% and not give the option to the customer
Verify by logging in to the site
Send the data by email a few days

If you make automatic reservations also, another reservation on the same date
Please verify.

Do you mean aluguerparaferias? The account you gave me cannot see any reservations or resources.

You activated the deposit function, but not any payment gateway. The deposit function does not work on it’s own.

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