Reservation couldn't be added. Error: Table 'wp_xjdv_20_reservations' doesn't ex

Good Afternoon All,

We have installed the most recent version of this software. When any reservation tries to be added (even with out code modification) the following error occurs

Reservation couldn’t be added. Error: Table ‘mymembe2_wo1910.wp_xjdv_20_reservations’ doesn’t exist

Do you have any suggestions?


In the current 3.4 version of this software, the script incorrectly installs the PHP database name. Go into your PHP database manager and adjust the table name from ‘Reservations’ to ‘wp_xjdv_20_reservations’ and it works like a charm.

It get’s defined as

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$table_name = $wpdb->prefix . "reservations";

No idea why the first letter was big for you. Never heard of it before.

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