Reservation dates and booking colours on calendar


WP 3.4.1
EasyReservations 3.0.3

I’ve just started to add existing reservations for clients at a resource for my customer and the first night is NOT showing on the calendar as booked.

If I reserve arrival Sept 21st to departure Sept 23 that is 2 nights. And the dashboard correctly says $300 ($150 per night). However when I check the calendar the first night does NOT appear in red. On the calendar the first night (Sept 21st) appears green – unbooked which is NOT correct, the second night Sept 22nd appears red (booked) which is correct and Sept 23rd is not booked which is correct since they leave that day.

Is there a setting that I need to switch on so that the first date shows as booked on the calendar?

Thanks for your help,

It looks like you fixed this on the latest update.

Thanks a lot!


Yes, you gave me the drive to actually build in the simple departure and arrival.
What you descried was actually no bug, but a not perfect system to not mark half-free days as full anymore.

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