Reservation form time range error messages


I set up a form to book one of several resources with an arrival date and hidden field with a 5-day time range. I also use hidden fields for the arrival time and departure time which are correctly set up like this: [hidden units 5][hidden date-from-hour 14][hidden date-from-min 0][hidden date-to-hour 9][hidden date-to-min 0]

The rescources are set that arrival should be after 2.p.m. and departure before 10 a.m.

When I now book with this form I always get the error message that I have to leave before 10 am even though the leaving time is correctly chosen.

I tried changing the leaving restriction to after 2 pm in the resources. Everything works fine then.

It seems like I get the error messages because the leaving time is calculated by the arrival time + 5 times 86400sec.

How can this be fixed?

Kind regards.

Please a link to the form.

Hi, here is the link:


Couldn’t find an error in the form, no idea why it thinks 9 is before 6. If you don’t let them choose the departure hour try to take out the restriction of the depature hour. Please post again and tell me if the depature hour is correct in the reservation later on.

If I don’t limit the departure hour then it works fine. (I have changed it for test reasons in the first room (Rosenzimmer) in case you want to check it out.)

But my client likes to limit it.

Is there any way to achieve both?

Again: I noticed the problem occurs as soon I limit the departure time to be before arrival time.


Arrival time limit: after 2pm. Departure time before 3 pm. No error message.

But Arrival time limit: after 2pm. Departure time before 2 pm. Error message. :-O


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