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Hi when I select arrival day and departure day from calendar the forms are filled with the wrong interval. Eg. when i chose from 2nd to 4th of febraury in the forms it puts from 3rd to 5th. Everything is shift one day in future.
What can I do?
Last beta version installed

Please a link to the form. Will probably need FTP access as well.

The issue is in admin interface. In user mode you can see it working at
For admin interface access please give me your email address in order to send you admin access and also FTP access if needed

Another issue found. Plugin doesn’t send any kind of mail nor to guest nor to admin but WP does. It’s very very important to have this issue solved. You already have admin interface and ftp access.
Please site is now operational.

Update: After some tests I found it doesn’t work only if I use for plugin admin same mail of WP admin. strange….

Update #2: the problem is not the one mentioned in update 1, but it’s something different. It doesn’t send if I use the mail and in with that. Tested different email and everyone (real or not) worked like a charm.

Try the wordpress SMTP Plugin if you’ve further problems with your mails. That way you can be sure they get send over the right server.

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