Reservation is not saved when submit button pressed

I love everything about the widget, except that nothing is saved when the submit button is clicked.

I didn’t know what to type into the “Form URL:” text box. The default value of “type in URL to a form” produces an error (of course). I have tried several options including a blank. Leaving the URL blank took away the button.

What do I need to do?

Enter the URL of a page with a easyreservatiions form on it, so the reservation can be made there.

Thank you for your quick reply.

The user has already chosen their dates and filled out the form fields using the reservation widget. When they click the “submit” button the reservation is not saved.

I did try a URL of “.” so they would just come back the same page again, and that page of course has the widget on it with the form. But the reservation is still not saved.

Are you suggesting that I need to send the user to a different form?

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