Reservation not being added to cart

Greetings, when I try to book a reservation using the form, initially it shows a message that reads “Cedar Grove @02/18/2021 14:00 for 3d” has been added to your cart.” with a large “Continue” button. When I click on “Continue”, it takes me to the cart page which displays this message:

A reservation has been removed from your cart due to inactivity. Please reserve again.

I can not get the product to stay in the cart and can not proceed to try to book the reservation. This is my booking form page:

Please advise.

It’s a problem between your server time and the timezone setting. It will be fixed in next update.

Until then set the option „Wait for ordering“ in the general settings to something like 1440 to prevent it from happening.


Thanks, easyadmin. Your suggestion worked around the problem.

I have marked this thread as “resolved”.

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