reservation on admin hours back up 3hrs whenever i select a different item

Whenever I enter a new reservation on the admin side. Selecting the form – to date automatically backs up the time to 3 hrs earlier and then, if I change the number of guests, another 3hrs earlier , and so on and so forth.

Why is this happening?

Never heard of that issue. The number of guests select has nothing to do with the hour select, there’s no such function. Please deactivate all other plugins to see if it’s still happening.

Tried that did not work, and now, my customer is trying to book a room a day after another reservation was entered, i.e. 19 august, now reserving the 20th of august. The room, no matter what, shows as occupied. I tried tested on all resources and the behaviour is the same.

I’ve set fixed times for arrivals and departures, seems to fix the reservation of the next day for a resource but yet again, I find myself having to reset the time for arrival and departure when entering a reservation through admin.


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