Resident and non-resident rates feature

Hope you are well. I have explored some hotel websites and I have observed the following.
1. They use geoIP to detect location of website visitor.
2. If the website visitor is geographically outside the country of the hotel e.g. hotel based in USA and website visitor is in Australia, the room rate is different (maybe 1.8 times more).
See below example

Website visitor based in USA: Room rate displayed is $10
Website visitor based in Australia: Room rate displayed is $18

Is this feature available in the premium version? If not, Is it possible to expand the capability of easyreservation to have the same feature where:

1. The administrator can specify non resident rate i.e as a percent more of the resident rate. I saw in the backend when resources are being added, one can specify the tax option. I am thinking a similar feature can be used to specify the non-resident factor.
2. The administrator can select the countries which qualify for the non-resident rate . Since country list is specified in the module, the administrator can select which countries will have the non-resident factor applied. When a user specifies their country in the website, resource rate will be displayed accordingly (see above example of website visitor in USA and Australia)
3. Advanced option: using API to automatically detect the location of the website visitor and the non-resident rate is applied.

Please review the above and advice. Do have a nice day ahead of you and keep up the good work. easyreservations module is the best so far…….

firstly thank you very much for this perfectly written suggestion.
You clearly lay out how it should work, even considered the admin area, are not dramatizing how important it would be and are polite. You get my award for the suggestion of the century.

That being said, no that’s not possible and I’m not seeing it coming anytime soon. We are just in the process of rewriting big parts of the plugin to make it more intuitive and maintainable. So new functions have it very hard at the moment and you are the first to request such a function. I can only offer you to hire me for that. If we’d make it like you suggest I can imagine also including it into the plugin so I’d work for half my rate. But that’d probably still be over 500€…

Hi easyadmin

Thank you for the award. Really appreciate the recognition. With the approximate cost you have highlighted here does it

1. Include of the annual support?
2. Include the re-written plugin that is more intuitive and more manageable?
3. What is the approximate timeframe that the plugin will be ready?
4. Which option will you implement : i.e. geo API integration or manual selection of countries in the admin section?


1. No. You’d pay for my time as you’d an electrican.
2. That’ll be released as a regular updates.
3. The first half is done and will be released this month. Then we’ll wait a bit for feedback and then start the other half.
4. Basically you have two options: We can make it quick and dirty hard-coded just for you for 100€/h or I really implement it with admin options so everyone can use it for 50€/h. As the later takes longer you’ll likely pay the same amount, but it’ll be in the plugin and be kept updated.

Hi easyadmin,

Thank you for the update. I think I will wait for the updated version of the plugin (for the benefit of all) and purchase the support as well . Awaiting your usual quick and professional launch of the new version of the plugin


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