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I can’t understand how to add different types of hotel resources (rooms, swimming pools, gym ) with their elements, i.e. room numbers or names.
Practically, I need to make two fields in my form:
First: to show and choose the resource (room);
Second: to show and choose room number
I can see in MySql data base there are two filed: room and room number,
but I can’ t see anywhere in documentation how to use them.

I hope to help me in some way.
Will be very grateful!!


The resource number can only be chosen by the admin. It’s not for different items, but multiple of the same.

Hello, easyadmin,
I’m not satisfied with your answer.
You didn’t answer at all. I’m not sure if I buy documentation,
I will find the right answer.

It is not possible to let the guest choose the resource number. Above were the expelnation why.

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